Rotaractors hang out
with college students
In preparation for the following school year the University of Alaska puts on an event, where they invite local clubs and entities from the area, for students out of Juneau so they might learn about the community and become a part of some of those clubs and activities
Juneau Rotaract was invited to attend. In preparation we created care packages that every good college student needs: Ramen, cold brew coffee, microwave ramen cooker all in a reusable tote bag.
On the day of the event Rotaract showed up in force and spoke to nearly a hundred students about Rotary and their involvement in the community.
4 days later we held a meeting on-campus so the students could see what we were all about an experience of meeting first hand, we had an excellent guest speaker by the name of Keni Campbell, who spoke about her life and her involvement with rotary and the University of Alaska Southeast.